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Saturday, August 9, 2008


I woke up today feeling a little ill and not hungry at all, so I skipped breakfast (which is something I rarely do - I love breakfast too much). I finally went out late morning to run some errands and finally started to feel hungry a little after 1:00. I was in the grocery store at the time and didn't want to make another stop, so I grabbed a honey ham and brie sandwich from the deli case. After coming home and making a few modifications, this was my sandwich:

The modifications included cutting it in half, removing over half of the ham, and adding a slice of tomato. It was actually good, which is a little odd because I'm not the world's biggest fan of ham. I eat it (maybe) 4-5 a year, but it really appealed to me today for some reason. I did discover two things while eating the sandwich, however:

1. I like brie.
2. I really, really HATE white bread.

Oh well, it was quick. I paired it with some tomato soup and gave the other half to my boyfriend. He gladly accepted after I slathered it with spicy brown mustard, his favorite condiment.

After my hunger-less morning, suddenly this afternoon I was ravenous. I had a banana for a snack, then started making dinner very soon after that. Tonight we had turkey burgers:

I had mine with pepper jack cheese, red onion, tomato, lettuce, and mustard all on a perfectly doughy potato bun. It was so good! We also had salads on the side.

I have slowly been replacing all of the ground beef in my diet (not that I eat a lot, but still) with turkey. Now I actually prefer turkey burgers and meatballs. I'll wait to eat beef for more "special occasions" so I can have a juicy steak!

Have a good night and I'll see you tomorrow!


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