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Thursday, August 7, 2008


Last week, my boyfriend and I went to a new Hibachi Express restaurant. I was satisfied with the food, but the BF was disappointed in the amount of food/quality of the food for the price. I decided to try making it at home tonight, except with A LOT more veggies. I started with 1/2 onion, baby bella mushrooms, 1 zucchini, and a small broccoli crown, which I stir-fried on high heat with 1 T. oil and salt and pepper:

I also made some fried rice with some diced carrot, diced onion, leftover brown rice, and low sodium soy sauce. For the chicken, I tried to find some kind of sauce that was low calorie and low sodium (since we already had a little soy sauce in the rice). I found the perfect sauce:

Per tablespoon, this garlic sauce has 15 calories and less than half the sodium of light soy sauce. Also, the flavor is really strong, so I only used 2 T. for a little over half a pound of chicken. It got really thick and stuck to the chicken nicely as it heated. I highly recommend it (I found it at Lowe's Foods). Plus, it's organic!

The BF also requested the sweet carrots that they serve at the hibachi restaurant. I was a little short on time, so I used the Green Giant microwaveable honey carrots. They tasted good but had too much butter in the sauce. If anyone has a good recipe for sweet/glazed/honeyed carrots, please send it my way! I plan to make this meal again and would like to make my own carrots next time.

My plate (on a small salad plate):

I ate approximately 1/2 c. rice, 1/4 c. each chicken and carrots, and LOTS of veggies.

By the way, before we ate, the BF said "If this is good, we're never going back to the restaurant." His final verdict: "Better than the restaurant!"

I'll take that.


Elizabeth is like leatha said...

Have you ever thought of taking pictures of food for a living? That's my favorite part... nice angles.

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