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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My friends think I'm crazy.

Who drives 40 minutes to a new city, right before rush hour, in the pouring rain, just to go to a new grocery store? That's right, me. I've heard such good things about Whole Foods and today was my afternoon off, so I had the urge to go. Honestly, I didn't see much that I can't get at the Fresh Market or EarthFare, but it was fun and I did buy a few things:

I got some instant polenta, a whole wheat baguette, a chunk of ricotta salata cheese, some Italian crispy chips, and some Clif Z bars (new flavors - Apple Cinnamon and Blueberry!). I also bought a new reusable grocery bag to add to my collection.

There is one reason that I will go back occasionally: The gelato bar.

Today I got the tiramisu flavor, but I also sampled the avocado (I was too scared to get a whole cup of it). The tiramisu was delicious, and the avocado was pretty good as well. It was sweet and very creamy, and the avocado taste kind of appeared as an aftertaste. I ordered the 4 oz. size, but the server gave me almost double that. I ate half in the car before I left, and the rest is in my freezer for tomorrow. Two for one, yum!

I had plans to eat more leftovers for dinner, but I got distracted by the Whole Foods sushi bar. Tonight I had a shrimp California roll, and I added some cucumber sticks when I got home. I also made more of the Asian slaw from a few night ago, just without the noodles and pork. So basically, shredded cabbage and carrots with the rice wine vinegar mix. The whole meal was very filling!


HangryPants said...

Yeah the gelato bar is amazing.

Well, I am glad you were able to experience WF, but it's good you can get all the same stuff closer to home.

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