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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I really like sushi, but most of the time I can't find someone willing to go out with me to get it so sometimes I go for the convenience of a grocery store. Today I found a sushi "snack pack" at Harris Teeter:

I also found out you can request brown rice at their sushi bar, so I may go back again soon.

I paired this with a Cara Cara navel orange. Cara Caras are similar to Washington navels, and they are also known as red navel oranges. They are my 2nd favorite orange after the blood orange. Notice the reddish-pink flesh:

I topped off my lunch with a can of seltzer. I have been trying to replace my daily soda with seltzer, and I have found it's the carbonation that I crave rather than the syrupy soda:

See you later for a snack and dinner!


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